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AFT Member and Army Vet Saves on New Home

Union Plus
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José Acevedo served in the U.S. Army before teaching high school history in New York City. After being stationed in the Panama Canal Zone from 1974 to 1977, he spent the next 30-plus years teaching ninth and tenth grade and became a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

“I loved teaching global history—not just American history,” Acevedo said. Many of Acevedo’s students were immigrants, and he wanted to make sure they knew how they fit into the American story. “Teaching was very demanding,” he said. “Yet, when you feel like you’re making a difference, that’s when it’s most rewarding.”

As Acevedo was financing his post-retirement home in a quiet section of the Bronx, he discovered the Union Plus Mortgage Veteran’s Grant, which gives $1,000 to veterans purchasing a primary residence through the Union Plus Mortgage Program.

“I received a $500 gift card [after closing] and then discovered I was eligible for the Mortgage Veteran’s Grant. I was so glad that I found it,” Acevedo said. “We used it for furnishings in our new apartment. It was so helpful as we settled in.” Acevedo feels well taken care of by Union Plus. “After I proved that I was qualified for my grant, everything went so smoothly. I would really recommend this to other veterans,” he said.

If you have served in the military and are an active or retired member of a union and you have financed your primary residence through the Union Plus Mortgage Program, you may qualify for the Mortgage Veteran’s Grant.* To learn more about the Union Plus Mortgage Program and the Veteran’s Grant, please visit

*If you’re an active-duty veteran of the U.S. armed forces and an active or retired union member who obtained a Union Plus Mortgage to finance your primary residence, you may be eligible to apply for this special $1,000 grant. You must submit an application for a Veteran’s Grant within 90 days of your closing date.