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2023 Denver Municipal Endorsements

The Denver Area Labor Federation (DALF) represents over 60,000 working Coloradans, through over 114 affiliated unions. Our membership is diverse and includes everyone from teachers, firefighters and home care workers to electricians and aerospace workers.  We come together as the Denver Area Labor Federation because we believe in one simple idea: when working people stand together, we can create positive changes for everyone.

DALF votes to endorse candidates based on how they will impact not only our unions, but all working people in the Denver Area. We carefully consider how each candidate will help us fight for a more equal and secure economy where working people can build power, ensure economic justice for themselves and their families, and combat the influence of corporations and wealthy elites.

Voting is our chance as working people to support those who support us.  Who you vote for is your personal decision, but we hope that you will take DALF’s endorsements into consideration as you fill out your ballot.




City Council District 2: Kevin Flynn

City Council District 3: Jamie Torres

City Council District 4: Tony Pigford

City Council District 5: Amanda Sawyer

City Council District 6: Paul Kashmann

City Council District 7: Flor Alvidrez

City Council District 10: Christopher Hinds

City Council District 11: Stacie Gilmore

City Council At-Large: Sarah Parady and Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

Auditor: Timothy O’Brien

Clerk and Recorder: Paul López


2023 Denver Municipal Endorsements

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